Paradigm Mobile: IdeaShifters


IdeaShifters is Paradigm’s exclusive millennial-focused panel that participates in research through the use of our proprietary mobile application. Through innovative mobile technology our app enables Location Based Surveys, Barcode Scanning, Digital Image Capture, Instant Rewards & Coupons and more features designed to collect comprehensive insights about your target consumers.

  • ideashifters-lbs

    Location Based Surveys

    Our location based surveys (LBS) trigger when a consumer arrives at a pre-defined location. Through the use of global positioning system (GPS) and geo-fencing technology, Paradigm Sample can target a survey to a consumer real-time whether it is a storefront, restaurant or event.

  • ideashifters-digital-image-capture

    Digital Image Capture

    Using Paradigm’s digital Image capture capability, you can collect photographs during a customers experience, providing visual qualitative insights through the eyes of your customer.

  • ideashifters-barcode

    Barcode Scanning

    Use Barcode Scanning to collect accurate product and item information.

  • ideashifters-rewards

    Instant Rewards

    We provide high quality on-site customer engagement and stimulate product trial. Whether it’s an immediate Amazon giftcode or a product coupon, we provide the incentive to get high quality survey completes.

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